Lines of Research


Line of Research Professors Research Project / Themes
Environmental Comfort and Energy Enedir Ghisi Thermal performance and rational water use in buildings.
Rational water use and energy efficiency in residences of social interest.
Fernando Oscar Rutkay Pereira Application of renewable environmental energy, natural light, solar radiation and wind to increase energy savings, productivity and life quality in the built environment.
Ricardo Ruther Application of solar photovoltaic energy.
Roberto Lamberts, Deivis Marinoski and

Saulo Guths

Environmental comfort and energy efficiency:

– simulation of energy consumption in commercial buildings.  

– human thermal comfort.

Construction Materials and Processes Antônio Edésio Jungles Construction management. Disaster risk management.
Fernanda Fernandes Marchiori Facility cost management.
Management of information and physical resources in construction.
Janaíde Cavalcante Rocha Reuse of industrial and urban residues for the development of civil construction materials.
Evaluation of contaminants in construction residues and development of decision support systems (DSS).
Luiz Roberto Prudêncio Jr. Research and development related to Portland cement concretes.
Malik Cheriaf Development of methodologies for the evaluation of materials with residues incorporated.
Philippe J. P. Gleize and

Fernando Pelisser

Development of cement materials through the application of nanotechnology concepts.
Wellington L. Repette Special materials in civil construction.



Line of Research Professors Research Projects / Themes
Analysis and Design of Structures Daniel D. Loriggio Computational analysis associated with structural design.
Leandro Fleck Fadel Miguel Numerical and experimental analysis of structures submitted to static and dynamic loads.
Otávio Augusto Alves da Silveira Topology optimization in the design of structures and microstructures.
Rafael Holdorf Lopez Quantification of uncertainties and optimization.
Wellison José de Santana Gomes Strategies for the efficient solution of the problem of optimizing structural risk.
Experimental Analysis of Mechanical Behavior of Structural Elements and Systems Poliana Dias de Moraes Bonds and reinforcements in wooden structures particularly wood originated from planted forests. Modeling of structures subjected to fire.
Roberto Caldas de Andrade Pinto and

Marcos Lenzi

Experimental analysis of reinforced concrete structures and structures with composite materials.
Evaluation of performance and integrity of concrete structures through nondestructive testing.


Line of Research Professors Research Project / Themes
Geotechnics Gracielli Diesttmann Soil mechanics.

Geomechanics and modeling.

Paving Glicério Trichês New materials used in road construction. Pavement performance.
Functional asphalt mixtures and silent pavements.
João Victor Staub de Melo Nanotechnology applied to paving.
Functional asphalt mixtures.
Liseane P. Thives Flexible pavements. Pavement Design.
Rheology: binders and asphalt mixtures.